Our activities include several main processes: collection and purchase of unused electrical and electronic equipment, dismantling of products, processing or preparation of individual parts for further recycling.



We collect discarded household electrical and electronic devices, electronic children's toys, sports inventor. We also collect various lighting equipment  fluorescent lamps, LED lights, floodlights, other indoor and outdoor lighting devices.



We buy obsolete computer equipment, its parts or individual components, wires, cables and other non-hazardous waste electrical and electronic equipment. We collect it from businesses operating in various sectors – industrial, service and telecommunications companies, electronic equipment manufacturers. If necessary, we also provide a complex service including the removal and transportation of unused electronics.



We dismantle electronic equipment by separating its valuable parts – ferrous, non-ferrous metal, plastic and other components. The obtained materials are processed, crushed to the required diameter (20-80 mm) and prepared for further recycling. The remaining unsuitable parts of a specific device are being disposed of as waste and provided for the production of electricity and heat.



We recycle electrical and electronic waste ourselves or sell it as a raw material to certified recyclers. Our recycling process applies advanced technologies, which allows us to extract high purity of recyclable products (precious metals).