About us

We are an electrical and electronic waste management company, that ensures safe and responsible disposal of various types of end-of-life electronics by converting treated waste into the reusable raw material.

Our business process covers full cycle of the circular economy, from the electrical and electronic equipment and its parts collection, purchase, dismantling, preparation for further processing or recycling.

By making optimal use of available resources, we strive for maximum results in each part of the business cycle. During the dismantling of a product that is no longer usable, we separate its valuable parts – ferrous, non-ferrous metal, plastic and other components, process the obtained materials and return them to the market for further recycling or use in the development of new products.



We started our business in 2016 and today we are a steadily growing company in our market. We consider responsible operation and development of long-term relationships with partners, customers and employees to be our top priorities.

Our customers are industrial and telecommunications companies, as well as electronic equipment manufacturers in the European Union and the CIS countries. We operate in Baltic States, Poland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain. We also contribute with companies in Russia and the Asian region.

Our team of specialists is professional and ambitious, which, together with a responsible approach to the environment and the use of its resources, creates the conditions for long-term partnerships, smooth cooperation and development of successful business.